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The Latest Casualty in Trump’s War on America

A mere two weeks ago I made an attempt to round up the staff members in the Trump administration who were fired, resigned, or quit. I foolishly thought this was a task that I would be able to accomplish with little effort.  I tried to confine my list to those employees who were relatively important to the functioning of some aspect of the Executive Branch.

However, the chaos that is the SOP of Trump’s White House makes tracking these changes nearly impossible. This makes my fourth update to the initial list in two weeks.

Here is the latest casualty in Trump’s war on America.

“Richard Staropoli, the chief information officer at the Department of Homeland Security has resigned from his position after only three months on the job.” (1)

This brings the tally to:

5 Cabinet level nominees have withdrawn their own names

8 have resigned

10 have quit

10 have been fired

Why do this? There are a few reasons, one is to be able to combat the fallacies that he and his supporters bring up about a) the smooth functioning of government, and b) lack of chaos that inundates this kakistocracy.  A second reason is to track the changes that are taking place in the government – people are often fired and not replaced, leaving gaps in the administration and poor governance. You can compare statistics about the volatility of previous administrations going back to 1945 in my previous essay –

It is also interesting to note, when there is enough information about the change to speculate, what the reasons are that someone resigns or gets fired. Lack of loyalty to Trump, criminal investigation, treason, etc.



Daniel Cashman, EAMP, MS (AOM)


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