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Lies from the Right (Again)

I am regularly amazed by how, even in winning, the Right is still filled with rage. They own every branch of government, and still can get nothing done. Perhaps hatred and bigotry don’t make for a good platform.

Tonight on RWNJ Levin’s radio show, he loudly and repeatedly railed against Democrats explaining that they have enacted a “silent coup” against Trump.

He went on to incorrectly say that Democrats are obstructing “hundreds” of positions in the Trump administration and that the coup is being perpetrated by “Obama holdovers”, whose goal is to prevent the proper functioning of government.

Let’s unpack a couple of things here.

  1. Democrats are obstructing “hundreds” of positions in the Trump administration. This is false. First of all, to get a nominee confirmed, Congress needs only a simple majority. (1) Last time I counted, there are 52 Republican Senators (of 100 total), theoretically giving the Republicans a simple majority for EVERY NOMINEE VOTE.
  2. Trump has yet to nominate or announce 62% of White House jobs under the level of Secretary. 10 of the 15 Cabinet Positions are operating without a Deputy Secretary, amounting to a total of 177 top level positions unfilled (114 of which have not even been announced or nominated) (2). Can’t approve someone who hasn’t been nominated.
  3. As for all of these “Obama holdouts” that are presumably civil servants – just fire them! According to Chapter 43 of the Civil Service Reform Act, a government employee who is performing poorly can be fired 90 days after receiving negative performance counseling. I believe being a “traitor” to Trump would qualify. So if there are “Obama holdovers” messing your plan up, you could have just fired them! You’ve had 6 months.
  4. As of 1 Aug 2017, 355 positions have not been nominated. 6 have been talked about but are awaiting official nomination. 49 have been officially nominated. (4)


So stop already. Republicans are in control of all three branches of government. Maybe it’s time to own your lack of accomplishments on your inability and lack of a plan. White supremacy is not a plan.



  • 85% of science jobs don’t have a nominee (5)
  • Tillerson has stopped all transfers and reassignments in the State Department, and is in the process of cutting 8% of the workforce (6)
  • Trump signed an Executive Order that stopped all Federal government hiring through Apr 2017
  • Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said he “expects many government positions left open during the hiring freeze will never be filled, as officials look for ways to streamline federal operations and cut waste.” (7)
  • “A lot of those jobs I don’t want to appoint because they’re unnecessary to have. We have so many people in government… You don’t need all those jobs.” – Donald Trump (8)
  • By my count, 5 nominees have withdrawn their own names, 7 significant Cabinet level employees have resigned, 10 have quit, and 10 have been fired. (9)


The truth is, Republicans don’t know how to govern. Trump has stated repeatedly, like some lonely deity, that only he can save us. Having other people around stealing the spotlight threatens his apocalyptic narcissism.

Please, go forth and use these facts. I don’t know if it will help, but make sure that you at least are armed with as much factual data as possible. The nonstop assault on us by our own government in unprecedented, and we all have to do what we can to make change.



Daniel Cashman, EAMP, MS(AOM)



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