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Collateral Damage – Addendum

Since writing the original piece, some other major shake ups have occurred in the Trump Administration prompting me to add to the list. Additionally, after some more research I found out about other White House personnel changes that I omitted from the first piece.

Here is the current tally of White House staff changes as of Jul 31st 2017-

5 nominees withdrawn

7 resignations

10 quit

8 fired

177 top Cabinet positions unfilled

  It is also worth mentioning that Trump has yet to nominate or announce 62% of White House jobs under the level of Secretary. 10 of the 15 Cabinet Positions are operating without a Deputy Secretary, amounting to a total of 177 top level positions unfilled (114 of which have not even been announced or nominated) (1)   

Angella Reid – (White House Chief Usher) – fired 5 May 2017. reason unknown. (2)

Charles Brotman – (Inauguration Announcer) – fired 8 Jan 2017 –  no reason given.


John Thompson – (U.S. Census Bureau Director) – Resigned 9 May 2017, no official reason given. (4)

K.T. McFarland – (Deputy National Security Advisor) – fired from the NSC on 9 Apr 17 (5)

Michael Short – (White House Aid) – resigned 25 Jul 2017, reason unknown. (6)

Reince Preibus – (White House Chief of Staff) – fired 28 Jul 2017  “…failed to impose order on a chaos-racked West Wing” (7)

Walter Shaub – (Director of the Office of Government Ethics) – quit 19 Jul 2017 “…after condemning the president for using his hotels and other properties for government business in what is in effect a free advertising campaign” (8)


Daniel Cashman, EAMP, MS (AOM)


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