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Collateral Damage – Front Row Seats to Watch the Trump Train Crash

On Feb 16, 2017 Trump Tweeted that his administration was a “finely tuned machine”. Ignoring for the moment how pundits are swooning about potential firings of Sessions and Mueller, and overlooking talk just today of Trump firing Tom Price if the healthcare bill fails, there is quite the vortex of chaos in this administration.

The following is a list of notable White House and Executive Branch employees fired, resigned, or quit as a result of Trump and his policies. In all honesty, there have been so many personnel shakeups that I can’t even be sure that I have all of them accounted for.

Since President Harry Truman began his first presidential term in 1945, only 35 presidential appointees have been fired (1).

During a five year period stretching from 2008-2013, President Obama’s record (2)-

2 nominees withdrawn (compare to Trump’s 5 in six months)

3 resignations (compare to Trump’s 5 in six months)

1 quit (compare to Trump’s 9 in six months)

3 fired (compare to Trump’s 4 in six months)

As an aside, there is so much incompetence, insanity, and grift occurring each day of this train wreck its easy to get overwhelmed. Its easy to lose perspective. Worse, it’s easy for what happening to be normalized. “Just another day in Trump’s America”.

I beseech the three of you that read my work to not let this kakistocracy become normal. This is not normal. #resist

Note – Some dates listed below may reflect the date the person in question was terminated, and not the actual last day of work.

Andrew Puzder (Nominee for Labor Secretary) – Withdrew name 15 Feb 2017.  Republican senators turned sharply against him, the latest defeat for a White House besieged by infighting and struggling for traction even with a Republican-controlled Congress. (3)

Bob Iger (Advisor to Trumps Strategic and Policy Forum) – Quit 1 Jun 2017 – “because Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.” (4)

David Rank (Acting US Ambassador to China) –  Quit 5 Jun 2017. “disagreed with Trumps climate change policies” (5)

Elon Musk (Advisor to Trumps Strategic and Policy Forum) – Quit 1 Jun 2017. “because Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.” (6)

Gentry O. Smith (Director of the Office of Foreign Missions) – Quit 1 Jan 2017 “Signaling a lack of faith in the incoming administration and the new Commander in Chief” (7)

James Comey (FBI Director) Fired by Trump 9 May 2017. Reasons not clear.

James Runcie (Head of the Dept. Education Student Financial Aid Office) Resigned 25 May 2017 “I cannot in good conscience continue to be accountable as Chief Operating Officer given the risk associated with the current environment at the Department” (8)

Jason Miller (Trump campaign’s senior communications adviser) – Withdrew name from consideration for “family reasons” (9)

Joyce Anne Barr (Assistant Secretary of State for Administration) – Quit 1 Jan 2017 “asked to leave by Trump administration” (10)

Katie Walsh (Deputy Chief of Staff) Quit 30 Mar 2017. “A former RNC staff member said of her – ‘she won’t be missed’” (11)

Marc Kasowitz (Trump’s personal lawyer) – Resigned 21 Jul 2017 – “ProPublica published several profane emails he sent to an individual telling him to stop defending the president.” (12)

Mark Corallo (Spokesman for the White House legal team) – Resigned 20 Jul 2017 – “Tension between the White House and the Trump legal team”. (13)

Mark Green (Nominee for Secretary of the Army) – Withdrew name 5 May 2017 – “…amid a growing whirlwind of controversy surrounding comments he made in the past, especially about LGBT people” (14)

Michael Flynn (National Security Advisor) – Fired 13 Feb 2017 by Trump for “lying to the Vice Presedeint.”  (15)

Michele Bond (Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs) – Quit 1 Jan 2017. “asked to leave by Trump administration”  (16)

Mike Dubke (White House Communications Director) – Resigned 18 May 2017 – “The communications operation — and Dubke and Spicer specifically — have come under sharp criticism from Trump and many senior officials in the West Wing, who believe the president has been poorly served by his staff” (17)

Patrick Kennedy (State Department’s Undersecretary for Management) – Quit 1 Jan 2017 (18)

Phillip Bilden (Nominee for Secretary of the Navy) – Withdrew name Feb 2017 “over financial concerns” (19)

Preet Bharara (US Attorney) – Fired 10 Mar 2017 by Trump for not resigning. (20)

Rumana Ahmed (National Security Council) – Quit Jan 2017. “When Trump issued a ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and all Syrian refugees, I knew I could no longer stay and work for an administration that saw me and people like me not as fellow citizens, but as a threat.” (21)

Sally Yates (Acting Attorney General) Fired 30 Jan 2017 by Trump for “betraying the Department of Justice” (22)

Sean Spicer (White House Press Secretary) – Resigned 21 Jul 2017 – “telling President Trump he vehemently disagreed with his appointment of Anthony Scaramucci”  (23)

Vincent Viola (Nominee for Secretary of the Army) – Withdrew nomination Feb 2017 “over concerns about the complicated task of divesting from his many business interests” (24)


Daniel Cashman, EAMP, MS (AOM)





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